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Develop the skills that will enable you to seize more and more exciting opportunities within security operations centers, as an analyst or incident handling specialist. Most importantly, you will help make the world a safer place. The course mainly explains how to monitor, detect and combat cyber threats. It also covers cryptography, host-based security analysis, perimeter monitoring, computer analysis, attack methods, and incident handling and reporting techniques.

Module 1: Cybersecurity and the Security Operations Center
Module 2: Windows Operating System
Module 3: Linux Operating System
Module 4: Network Protocols and Services
Module 5: Network Infrastructure
Module 6: Principles of Network Security
Module 7: Network Attacks: A Deeper Look
Module 8: Protecting the Network
Module 9: Cryptography and the Public Key Infrastructure
Module 10: Endpoint Security and Analysis
Module 11: Security Monitoring
Module 12: Intrusion Data Analysis
Module 13: Incident Response and Handling
Module 14: certification preparation
Ingenieur Réseaux & sécurité, Gestionnaire de projet

Network and security architect, cyber ops spécialist and senior consultant with a wide experience in deploying maintaining and supporting IT and OSS/BSS infrastructures. In addition to the industry experience, I am an experienced trainer with 15 years of training experience in the networking and security certification programs

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  • Begining date: 05 Oct 2022